Today, two years ago…

Was our first day in New York City. Where did these two years go? This morning I told Marica the story of how she went missing in our first tiny apartment, shortly after I wrote the post linked to above. She thought it was hilarious. We arrived in New York City just before Memorial weekend, and Ben’s first day at work was the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Now, two years later, his last day at work is the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Interesting how things go in circles. You can have a look at some of our first experiences here and here.

Okay, I’m off to pack/sort/throw away, etc!

6 thoughts on “Today, two years ago…

  1. Thanks a lot Franci for keeping us informed of your experiences the past two years in the Big Apple! It was a real blessing to us – also having had the opportunity to visit you last October. We know that the Lord had a plan with your stay in New York and that you had the opportunity to serve Him there. May God bless you on your road trip and may you enjoy the holiday and visits to all the family and friends. We are looking forward to your return back in Christurch! Pappa.

  2. I will second the comments about enjoying your blog ever so much (and please do keep writing, in whatever form that takes!) Awww, I’ve just realised I’ll have to stop saying “my brother/sister-in-law who lives in New York…”!! Have a great trip back home the long way. :-)

  3. Yes, I have to echo all those who say they have enjoyed your blog. And I wish you a very good time of travel. But now I’m going to go write an email that will be a bit longer!

  4. FRanci, NOW you will have to keep it up for all your friends from New York!!!:) You guys have been such a huge blessing to so many…you did more in NY in every way in 2 years than most people can hope to do in a lifetime. You blessed people richly with your godly example, you served the church with an immediate eagerness and you saw every inch of the city/surrounding area you could possibly see! (And you cooked incredibly delicious meals/desserts for all who visited which we will always be grateful for!!!:)

    Blessings to you guys and PLEASE DO keep it up! Just call it Aliens in the Kiwi now or something like that!!!;)lol

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