Some fishy characters

For the first few years of our marriage Ben and I had a little dog, Blitzie. When we came to the States in 2010, we gave her away and she’s been living happily every after on a pig farm since. My kids, however, have been petitioning their dad for a pet since then to no avail. Until recently when he finally caved and has allowed some fish into the house. (Small steps!) Maybe it helped that I managed to get a secondhand tank from someone at our homeschool co-op for only 10 bucks?

The Saturday we tripped down to PetCo was filled with excitement as we got all we needed to set up our tank.

DSC_0248 (Large)

DSC_0247 (Large)

DSC_0250 (Large)

Much to everyone’s disappointment we had to let the tank sit for a few days to settle before getting fish. Then, we got some fish but within a week they got a disease called Ich, so we took them back, treated the tank and then just got some colorful guppies, a ghost shrimp and a cherry shrimp. We’ve only killed 2 of the guppiesĀ and the 5 remaining ones have been happy and well for the last couple of weeks. If that stays the case, I think we’ll add a few more fish soon!

DSC_0378 (Large)