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Franci 22 Apr 2016 Family Pets

For the first few years of our marriage Ben and I had a little dog, Blitzie. When we came to the States in 2010, we gave her away and she’s been living happily every after on a pig farm since. My kids, however, have been petitioning their dad for a pet since then to no avail. Until recently when he finally caved and has allowed some fish into the house. (Small steps!) Maybe it helped that I managed to get a secondhand tank from someone at our homeschool co-op for only 10 bucks?

The Saturday we tripped down to PetCo was filled with excitement as we got all we needed to set up our tank.

DSC_0248 (Large)

DSC_0247 (Large)

DSC_0250 (Large)

Much to everyone’s disappointment we had to let the tank sit for a few days to settle before getting fish. Then, we got some fish but within a week they got a disease called Ich, so we took them back, treated the tank and then just got some colorful guppies, a ghost shrimp and a cherry shrimp. We’ve only killed 2 of the guppies and the 5 remaining ones have been happy and well for the last couple of weeks. If that stays the case, I think we’ll add a few more fish soon!

DSC_0378 (Large)

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estellespies 23 Apr 2016 at 2:09am

Sa.og 8vm, Goeie More,

Het gisteraand vir myself ‘n email gestuur, want kon al vir weke net FB > het YouTube op ‘n FB gesien - kon nie dit of steeds nie GOOGLE kry nie,

kliek toe op dd ‘tube’, kry ”Only BOYS Aloud’, Walliese seunskoor, en stuur ‘n ‘tube’ email EN ek kan emails lees!

Geniet julle gediertetjies en hoop later vissies ook, as in dieselfde tenk kan bly.

Lekker naweek en baie liefde.

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 3:05 PM, Aliens in the App

Laurel 26 Apr 2016 at 7:13am

Enjoy the fish - you have a pretty setup there!
Fish is the closest we’ve ever come to keeping pets too (although, from a long-distant memory, did we look after Blitzie once for an afternoon when you moved to Christchurch the first time?). Hendrik took home the classroom fish over the last September holidays, and we even managed not to kill them. :-)