Baby, it’s cold outside!

Last night the girls had a lovely surprise of some cards from their cousins (thanks, Ilse, Estelle and Hendrik!). What was funny to us was that they asked how our summer has been, which of course, it very much has not been. It is well and truly winter here! In fact, we seem to get almost weekly dumpings of snow and then it gets so cold that everything turns to ice. Earlier this week we had some ice rain after snow, which made things slippy-slidey and treacherous, but also produced some pretty impressive icicles. They were hanging from pretty much any surface they could cling to. The next day was sunny all day, and it wasn’t until late afternoon that I got a chance to take some photos — you’d think that by this time they’d all have melted… many had, but there were still lots! Needless to say, it’s cold here. :-)

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