Going, going, (almost) gone!

We’re on our way to the States: our house is under offer, we’ve traveled to Auckland and have had our Green Cards approved, and tomorrow, Lord willing, we fly out to New York.

The last few weeks have been a super busy time, and a bit of an emotional roller coaster. So much to finish off, so little time. So excited to go, so sad to leave. So many lasts (for a while — not forever!). So many things falling into place at just the right time. So much to be thankful for. Too many goodbyes. So much grace.

Last week Thursday the packers came.

DSC_0686 (Large)

(Some left-over balloons from Marica’s birthday party the previous weekend in the midst of all the packing mess!)

DSC_0687 (Large) DSC_0688 (Large) DSC_0689 (Large)

Thursday night the tummy bug came for Ben.

DSC_0682 (Large)

We said goodbye to our house.

DSC_0694 (Large)

We said goodbye to friends and family (and I didn’t take photos of nearly half of them, which I regret) and had many lovely meals and visits, which we’re so thankful for.

DSC_0732 (Large)

DSC_0729 (Large)
DSC_0697 (Large)

DSC_0706 (Large)

DSC_0716 (Large)

DSC_0723 (Large)

DSC_0725 (Large)

And for a bit of (embarrassing to us) fun, here’s a song Ben and I wrote about our move and that we played at the Hoyt reunion in January.

Next time I hope to send you all an update from the Big Apple!

6 thoughts on “Going, going, (almost) gone!

  1. We’re happy/sad for you. Happy that you have your Green Cards and the way is clear for you to leave. Sad that you in fact are leaving us. When will we see you again? Perhaps we can come to the Big Apple.

  2. Great photos of the girls, especially the first one of Esther and Ingrid (?).

    When do you find out about the sale of the house? I didn’t quite get the auction/offer status.

    You’ve got a beautiful voice, Franci!

    Hope to catch a glimpse of you in about 6 weeks…

  3. Dear Ben and Franci!
    Thank you for posting, especially the photos and video. I cried a few tears myself – so heart wrenching to be leaving well-loved ones and so many memories. It’s hard to believe that you won’t be part of the picture when we visit NZ. But we’ll build different and wonderful memories with you State side. Very grateful to have some family coming our way! Praying for you now as you fly and then settle.
    Love you all!

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