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Flights booked, date set!

Ben 25 Jan 2014 Family NYC Updates

We started this blog almost four years ago with the words “so we’re going overseas in a month”. They do say history repeats itself…

About six months ago, Ben got a job offer with TripAdvisor who was hoping to acquire, where Ben had worked in New York. He’d continued to work for Oyster remotely through Brush Technology after we got back. We were on the fence about the offer for quite a while, as we thought we’d come back to settle here, but eventually we made the decision to go back. We weren’t planning to return, so we let the girls’ green cards expire (after having been in NZ for 12 months). So U.S. immigration, here we go again…

But we’ve finally got to the point in the re-immigration process where we can set a date for our return to New York. God-willing, we’ll leave Christchurch on the 17th of Feb, and leave Auckland on the 21st. Less than a month away, and things are finally seeming more real!

It’s definitely with mixed feelings we go back. Looking forward to working in New York again, looking forward to getting to know our old NYC and MeRF friends again, but sad that we’ll be so far from most of our family, uncles, aunties, Grandma & Grandpa and Ouma & Oupa.

In related news, we put our house on the market (see the TradeMe Property listing). If you’re interested in investing in the Christchurch housing market, get in touch. :-) Here’s a photo of the front for posterity:

Our house

We’re looking forward to the move and to settling back into NYC, but in the meantime we’d love to hang out with our friends here in the weeks before we go! And we look forward to being closer to Lillian & Jeremy and other extended family and friends in the U.S.!

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Hannah Holder 25 Jan 2014 at 9:19am

Thanks for the news! All the best as you finish paperwork, start packing, and deal with mixed feelings. I guess you can be glad you’ll miss most of a very cold, snowy winter in the NE.

Hanneke C 25 Jan 2014 at 10:51am

Oh wow I might be able to meet finally this famous lady :)! Hope everything will go smoothly on your transition from one country to the next! Where are you planning on living?

Lillian 25 Jan 2014 at 11:49am

Yay! Super excited about this! :)

Yoli 25 Jan 2014 at 2:47pm

O wow!! you guys are coming back. We are so looking forward to it!!! Yoli 25 Jan 2014 at 4:49pm

A date set! Looking forward to having you back in North America! Hmm, that’s a little closer than Austria. : ) Best wishes for all the packing, decisions, remaining paperwork, and good times with family and friends in NZ.