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A weekend visit to Oamaru

Franci 7 Jan 2014 Family Updates

The last weekend of last year we made the three hour drive down to Oamaru to visit Mum and Dad Hoyt. We always love visiting them! This time around Bevan and Elrike were there with us, and the girls had a great time playing together in a different setting.

The time was filled with cousins playing together, adults having a variety of interesting discussions (some discussions being less interesting to some of us… <cough> geek talk <cough>), a nice morning tea with just Mum, Elrike and me, enjoying Mum’s great cooking, and some lovely naps.

Mum showed us this new Steampunk-themed playground down near the old part of town and we took the kids there one afternoon to play, followed by a nice stroll on the old wharf for the kids (and a panicky time for the mothers).

And I had some black and white fun too. :-)

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Hannah Holder 7 Jan 2014 at 10:18am


The one of Marica reading to two of the other girls. Classic!
Therese’s eyes over Elrike’s shoulder.
The family photos of each family.
The green growing between the railroad ties.
The whiskey advertisement and lamppost in black and white.

Thanks for the link to an explanation of Steampunk. I had no clear idea what the term meant.

Lois Hoyt 10 Jan 2014 at 5:21am

It is wonderful the way you capture the expressions of the eyes, Franci. And no doubt it helps that our grandchildren have such expressive eyes to start with :-).

Laurel 16 Jan 2014 at 2:21am

Lovely photos here - Hendrik is really looking forward to his next visit to Oamaru now.
See you all at reunion tomorrow!