Aliens in the Apple


Ben 26 Apr 2010 Blogging

So we’re going overseas in a month and, just to be different like everyone else, we’re starting a blog.

We’re hoping to post updates about how it’s all going, and about life in the Big Apple. Franci and Marica and Esther will officially be aliens (I might as well be too, having lived in New Zealand for all but the first four months of my life).

I’m writing this first post, but Franci will probably be chief journalist around here. You can still get to our Flickr photos here and to my website at

So stay tuned, and feel free to subscribe by email by entering in your email address in the box on the right.

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Lillian Hoyt 20 May 2010 at 12:48am

“just to be different like everyone else”! :)