Garden of the Gods at sunrise

When we were visiting the Boonzaaijers’ in Colorado Springs, I decided to get up early one morning to go and take some photos of the Garden of the Gods. I had heard that it was particularly beautiful at sunrise, so I got up at 5am and headed on down there, just as the sky was changing colour. It was so quiet and I only saw two other people before the actual sunrise, which was a big change from the day we went there with some family members during the Tschetter reunion. It was also horribly hot that day, so to be there in the cool of the morning in the complete stillness, being able to take photos without holding anyone up was a delightful experience.

The photos mostly speak for themselves, so I’ll just let you enjoy them without my commentary getting in the way!

3 thoughts on “Garden of the Gods at sunrise

  1. Beautiful! The rock formations remind me a little of Bryce Canyon NP, which was probably the favourite one we visited. That balancing rock is rather spectacular, especially.

    I’m a little envious of Stephen and Erica, living so close to here!

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