Aliens in the Apple


Franci 27 Jun 2012 Family Parenting The Roadtrip

I love this photo — I took it when we were in the Smoky Mountains with the Holders.

Consider this a teaser until I get a post up with the rest of our photos from our time in Knoxville. I’m working on it, it’ll be up in the next day or two, I hope! We are currently in Tyler, Texas, and hope to travel to Dallas tomorrow. The Hoyt reunion was absolutely fantastic, and we had a lovely time visiting with old family friends in Ben’s birth town of Atoka, TN before we came here. It’s really great hanging out with the family here — I wish we were here longer than just two nights!


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Susanna 27 Jun 2012 at 9:49pm

Cute picture! It is whimsical!:)