A quiet Saturday morning

It’s quiet because I’m home alone, which is a rare event indeed! Ben took the girls to Prospect Park this morning and I have some time to myself here at home. Guess what I’ve chosen to spend my time doing? Baking! And taking photos of it. And I’m blissfully enjoying myself. :-) I wish I could post some smells on here, but alas, if you want to smell it for yourself, you’ll have to either come over and visit, or bake some of these yourself. They’re goooood.

I’ve been feeling pretty good for the last week or so, which is great. What’s not so great is that that probably means the Holter wouldn’t have picked up any irregularities. In any case I’m scheduled to go see the cardiologist again on Tuesday, so will update on that sometime in the middle of next week.

Hmm, the first tray of cookies is just out of the oven. Who wants one?

4 thoughts on “A quiet Saturday morning

  1. Oh, the smell of fresh baking! Your hubby and girls would’ve loved coming home to that :o)

    Hey, how was Ben’s birthday? Sorry I remembered before, and after. Hope he had a good one!! (was it meatballs for dinner?)

    Particularly nice pic (many aspects) of you and the girls in the hammock btw

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