Happy hammocking

Hammocking is a verb, didn’t you know? It does not involve mocking ham. Ham is too good to mock.

Enjoying some mum-and-daughter time in the hammock a while back when we were at Jeremy’s place in Philadelphia.

I had my echocardiogram this morning and I’m hooked up to the Holter now for the next 2 days. Please pray that these test will show up what’s going on!

6 thoughts on “Happy hammocking

  1. What a sweet picture! We are praying for you that the doctors will figure out what is going on and know what to do next. Andrew and Ellisa

  2. We are definately praying for you. Loved the photo…reminds us all to get absorbed in the things that really matter. Henry, Anne & Amber.

  3. Ditto to Anna Banana from Indiana’s comment.
    And that is a VERY beautiful photo in more than one sense of the word.

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