Beautiful encouragement for the mothers among us

One of my favourite authors and bloggers (I’ve raved about her before) was invited by Desiring God ministries to write an article for them. I found it very encouraging and helpful, and I hope all the mothers who visit this blog will read this article — you will not be sorry! Rachel’s writing is always like a fresh breath of air in a stale room because she is real about the struggles and yet there is no pity-parties — instead a clear pointer to Christ and the gospel. Go read it! :-)

2 thoughts on “Beautiful encouragement for the mothers among us

  1. Bry bought me her book for my birthday, it was devoured!

    In the article you have posted, she had me by the end of the last sentence!!

    Thanks Franci.

    Thinking of you heaps, perhaps I will act on it and email you soon :)

  2. Hi Franci
    I’ve been following you for a while, really enjoy reading your blog! I am now following some of the other blogs that you have mentioned, I particully enjoy the frugal girl! I also loved the article above very encouraging!

    thanks heaps
    Hanneke C
    (TJ’s sister)

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