Loving the Little Years

I have recently been reading through Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. It is GOOD. Every single chapter encourages me and exhorts me and redirects my focus off myself and onto Christ. Off what other people think and onto Christ. Off my children’s faults and onto Christ.

Loving the Little Years

It is funny. It’s real. She doesn’t beat around the bush when she talks about the nitty gritty of raising small children. She doesn’t mince words when she talks about dealing with sin. Not only our children’s sin, but our sin.

If you have small children, please read this book. If you have older children, please read this book — you’ll still benefit from it. If you have grandchildren, please read this book. If you know someone with small children, read this so you can encourage them too.

This book is not a how-to manual, but I have found it to be almost more helpful. It’s thin (and that’s good considering the mental capacity of mothers who are sleep deprived and tending to little people all day!), but rich. It will be the best $12 you’ve spent in a long time!

Rachel, along with her sister and very wise mother, also blogs at Femina. She didn’t pay me to write this. :-)

3 thoughts on “Loving the Little Years

  1. She had a good post on Femina this weekend, too. Love the photo on the cover.

    Hey, did you get my phone message this weekend? Re: solidifying March plans, if any. (I’d call now, but I’m in a noisy coffeeshop for the rest of the evening.)

    • Yes, it was a good post on teaching kids to control their emotions. I find I learn a lot too! :-)

      We only got back now from Punta Cana, so no, I haven’t got your message yet. Will look into all that tomorrow.

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