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Franci 28 May 2011 Being tourists Family Meditations NYC

How is it possible that we have been in New York City for a year already? Yes, everyone, it’s been a YEAR! When we arrived a year ago, I must admit that I viewed our ‘adventure’ with some trepidation. An adventure it has surely been! I like to say that an adventure is not an adventure if there aren’t some hard bits thrown in too! We’ve now experienced 4 seasons in this city, made some wonderful friends who have enriched our lives, and have certainly settled into life here. Talking about seasons, here’s our street in the spring:

You know what I think of when I look at that picture above? Not about the nice trees, or the cute girl — I look at that massive parking spot right outside my place! You can fit about 3 cars in there! Okay, maybe only two. Sometimes a parking spot is something to get really excited about. :-)

And remember the beautiful snowy street? Here the leaves were just starting to come out. There’s not usually that much parking on that street, just for the record. They had done road works that day. Just so you don’t think I exaggerate or anything.

This weekend we have Ben’s cousin Sharon visiting, and today I was able to take her around Manhattan and show her all sorts of touristy things. (Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Sea Port, Imagination Playground, Staten Island Ferry, Chelsea Market, and The Diner for dinner!)

You know what was strange to me? I felt at home. At home around crazy tall buildings and huge crowds and impatient honking drivers, yellow taxis, the smell of hot dog carts and stale subway carriages. I was able to go places without a map (or without even consulting a map beforehand), I knew which direction I was going in, and how long it would take to get there.

When we first arrived in New York City, I didn’t like it. There, I said it. But there’s magic here — the place grows on you. Now, for a short time, this is my home, and despite all its frustrations and quirks, I must say that I love New York. Do I miss Christchurch? Yes. Do I miss my family and friends? Yes! Do I want to live here long-term? No, probably not. :-) But while we’re here, it’s good.

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Carline 28 May 2011 at 4:35pm

Neat to see how you’ve come to love NY!

Miriam 30 May 2011 at 3:43am

Yes, it is amazing to think that you have already been in NY for a year but on the other hand it isn’t so nice to think we are only half way till you come back. :-( Also seems strange that we have almost lived in your house for a year now too. Really glad to hear you are enjoying New York and even more glad to hear you miss NZ and at the moment can’t see yourself staying long term. I loved that photo by the way. Actually makes me think it would be nice to experience living in New York for a bit. Reminds me of the movies, the apartments with the steps in front of them. Well, enjoy and may the next year go speedily as well (but not too much for your sake).
Missing you all, Miriam

Rick 30 May 2011 at 11:28am

“Probably not” means there’s a chance. ;)

Franci 30 May 2011 at 12:05pm

Heh, you’re hopeful! :-)

Sharon 8 Jun 2011 at 5:59pm

It’s a very late comment but oooo I’m so excited to have “made the blog”! :) I have the best memories ever of my time visiting y’all… and you were an awesome tour guide Franci!