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Sight-seeing with Lillian

Franci 3 Jan 2011 Being tourists Family NYC

In the few weeks that Lillian has been here we’ve done all sorts of things like Christmas baking, movie watching, eating good food and talking, but we’ve also done some sight-seeing. You can’t leave that out when you’re in New York, even if the weather is freezing!

We’ve been to:

The Cloisters

The Met(ropolitan Museum of Art)

Times Square

South Street Sea Port

The Financial District (Wall St)

Staten Island Ferry/Statue of Liberty

Bowling with people from church

The American Museum of Natural History

Chelsea Market

Also visited were: Williamsburg, Central Park, the Financial District, IKEA, Queens (to visit Melissa (Bryant) Ketchen), and some general taking in of New York through driving and the subways. :-)

It’s been such a blessing to have Lillian with us. We enjoy her company and her helpfulness around the home and with the kids. We’ll miss her when she’s gone home to New Zealand!

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Laurel 3 Jan 2011 at 4:15pm

Wow - that’s a lot of sights! I’m glad you were able to take in so much of the city with Lillian. Even an art museum with littlies along - that’s great!