Long-distance running inside our apartment

The other day Marica decided to start running laps between our bed and the couch in the lounge, a distance of about six or seven metres. After a few laps she started counting, “1, 2, 3, 4 …” Soon I took over the counting, “14, 15, 16, see if you can get up to 20 …”

(To view the videos, click on the images below and press your Back button when you’re done — or just open them in a new tab.)

She got up to 20 and was puffing already, but I said, “Can you make it to 30?” Yep, no problem. And before I knew it, she was up to “80 … 90 …”

I thought she might just make it to 100 (which would be about 700 metres, or close to half a mile). She did, and just kept going. “Run, Forrest, Run!”

I was amazed she made it through 150, up to 200, and then right up to 245 laps! She was pretty wasted, and I found myself saying, “You may stop if you like.” She said, “After I [puff] get a drink of [pant] water, then I’ll [puff pant] go again.” I explained about getting the stitch when you run with a tummy full of water, and she said, “Oh … I’ll have a rest.”

As mentioned, it’s about six metres between our bed and the couch — I’m guessing she ran over 1.5km that evening (about a mile).

So we have a runner on our hands — maybe she’s trying to keep up with her friend Micah!

4 thoughts on “Long-distance running inside our apartment

  1. Erika loved it, we watched it many times. Nice to see Marica in action! Well done, Marica. Next time around the park 245 times.

  2. I noticed that after she progressed to doing more laps she gave up her longer rests on the couch and bed between laps. The rests must have wasted too much time!

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