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Playing tourist again: Bronx Zoo

Franci 2 Nov 2010 Being tourists NYC Parks

A couple of Saturdays ago we bundled up and visited the Bronx Zoo. It is the biggest metropolitan zoo in the world, and we certainly didn’t see all of it in the day we were there.

We liked the African Plains display, as well as the Wild Asia Monorail that takes you around to be able to see lots of different Asian animals. We saw loads of ‘proper’ animals (as opposed to farm animals :-) ) Like…

zebras, flamingos, gorillas, giraffes, camels, okapi, lions, tigers, bears, polar bears, heaps of different deer and way, way more.

When we crossed the Bronx river in the monorail to the ‘Wild Asia’ display, we noticed some beautiful autumn colours making their appearance.

We asked someone again to take a family photo, and this time it turned out much better than the photo in Little Italy! We even have the authentic American flag in the background!

I couldn’t resist adding this photo. What a fun dad my kids have! :-)

On the way home I thought I should take some photos of just how ugly that part of The Bronx is. Boy, Brooklyn is so pretty in its own way, but especially compared to this!

Also note the toll booths. They sprinkle those around quite liberally.

We crossed the Triboro Bridge, which connects Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx.



But at least we had quite a nice view of the Manhattan skyline!

Comments (3)

Sally Davey 2 Nov 2010 at 5:04pm

Dear Franci (and everyone else)

Blitzie here… I really enjoyed your pictures of the Bronx zoo, and I was looking REALLY hard for some possums - did you see any? (But I suppose they would have been hiding up in the trees during the daytime). I am having such fun looking for them in the garden at night - it drives me WILD with excitement! So far in October Paul and I have shot four possums - I think I make it easy for him because when I bark in my most scary, horrible bark, the possums are too afraid to come down from the tree or the rose pergola. Sally is really pleased because it seems the possums have stopped eating the roses - all because of me, she says! I love being here, I can run in and out of the laundry when ever I like, and I go all over the farm with Paul and Tom. (Quite often I ride on the back of Paul’s truck - and boy, do you get a good view from up there! But you have to hang on hard by balancing your paws…)

Lots of love, Blitzie

Hannah 2 Nov 2010 at 5:27pm

Hi, Blitzie…just thinking of you the other day. It’s great to know you are loving life out at the Daveys’ farm.

Ben 3 Nov 2010 at 9:30pm

Hi Blitzie, thanks for getting Sally to write. Four possums! You’re a hoot. Marica misses you!