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Sugar snap pea salad

Franci 3 Nov 2010 Food Recipes

When we visited aunt Sharon and uncle Sherwood Hoyt, aunt Sharon made a really nice salad for dinner one evening. I thought it was absolutely delicious and so I’m going to share it here. The recipe can be found here. Anyone who knows me a little when it comes to cooking, know that I use recipes as guidelines, not as law. I’ve made this salad without cucumber and substituted lettuce and it worked fine. I’ve made it with chopped tomatoes when I didn’t have cherry tomatoes.

I was all clever getting photos of the ingredients and then I forgot to take a photo of the end product! Basically, all you do after blanching the sugar snap peas is to drain them, chuck the other ingredients in along with some chopped fresh dill and you’re done.

It’s light, it’s crisp and a happy change from your ordinary mixed salad. Though you really must use fresh dill — it’s just so much better than dried!

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Susanna 3 Nov 2010 at 8:17pm

Franci, this sounds so good and, like you said, a change from the ordinary salad! We have salad pretty much every night so I should try this and mix things up a bit!:)