Grocery challenge: week 4. I’m done!

Let’s just say I’m glad to have life returning to normal! It was a good little exercise in sticking to a budget (or close to, anyway), but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again any time soon. To be honest, if I literally had only $25 a week to spend on groceries, I’d be visiting food pantries for help! As I’ve said before — I could only do it because I already had some food stocked up in my cupboards and a few things in my freezer. I didn’t have loads (I don’t have room for loads!) but certainly enough to help us get through this last month! Now the challenge will be to restock without breaking my usual budget!

But I guess you all want to know by just how much I went over. :-)

As you’ll remember, I had $10.50 left to spend on groceries for the last week of October to be able to meet my $100 challenge for the month. I didn’t make the challenge, I’m afraid to say, but I didn’t exactly go over by too much.

Here’s what I bought the last week:

fruit & vegetables — $10.82
gallon of milk — $3.39
butter — $3.29
cheese — $4.58

cream cheese — $0.99
cream — $1.59
bacon — 4.69

(The last 3 extravagant items were for things I made when we had guests over. :-))

Total for week 4: $29.35

Total for October: $118.85

Crazy stuff. Thanks for keeping me accountable. I’m glad it’s done!

6 thoughts on “Grocery challenge: week 4. I’m done!

  1. ‘Course it might be more possible to achieve $100/mo. where the cost of living is lower, but congratulations on getting as close as you did with the options at hand and with guests in your home at least twice!

  2. Franci, thank you for wanting to treat your guests like royalty!:) We had such a great time last night and the food was delicious! I think it is so awesome that you are willing to break the budget to be hospitable! That is a great witness and so glorifying to God…THANK YOU!:)

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