Not so many smiles at the moment

As some of you know, Esther has been sick for over 5 weeks now, plagued by colds, teething and then this week some virus that has been giving her pretty high fevers. We’re pretty sure that it’s Roseola because as soon as she got a rash late yesterday afternoon her fever broke.

We were starting to get a bit worried because she was refusing food and only taking breastmilk. Esther’s not the kind of baby that is easily grumpy or fussy — it takes a fair bit to take away her smile. Please remember her in prayer. Now that the fever has settled down we hope that she might be getting better not only from the Roseola but that she’d also stop getting colds! Teething is inevitable, I guess. :-)

One thought on “Not so many smiles at the moment

  1. Poor baby! It is the pits seeing your children have to suffer as a mom, isn’t it? By the way, in reference to your email today, our kids seem totally fine after our visit the other day so NO worries!:) One of us will see you tomorrow night and can’t wait to see you Sunday!!!

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