Weekend touristy fun

Ben has already told you that we went to Staten (pronounced Statten, not State-in) Island on Saturday. I have some cool photos to share of our trip there and back, and later in the week I’ll tell and show you all about the stuff we saw in the Financial District.

At the Staten Island ferry terminal there is a very little reminder of which country you’re in. Just in case you forgot.

Here’s Ben and Marica eating blueberries while we waited for the ferry.

Marica on the ferry, enjoying the cool wind.

And Esther, slightly bemused.

And as usual, Marica lives life close to the egde.

On the way there, I didn’t get room on the side of the boat to be able to see The Lady. But I sure did on the way back! I can’t get over what a huge structure it is, yet how small she seems compared to all the skyscrapers…

I couldn’t help taking a photo of the grass growing on the wooden dock, about 8m up into the air!

Later this week I hope to take you on a photo tour of some stuff we saw in the Financial District.

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