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Apartment hunting

Franci 5 Jun 2010 Apartment living NYC

There is not a whole lot to tell you about yet, but finding an apartment in NYC is hard work. Especially without the ease of a car! On Wednesday I packed up the kids and we set of to look at some apartments in Prospect Heights. The subway ride was fairly uneventful and I got off at the correct stop (phew!), but then I started walking in the wrong direction. It took me 3 blocks to realise this even with a map. Don’t ask. So, by the time I was back at the subway station and now walking in the right direction, I was already tired - pushing Marica in the stroller and carrying Esther on my back, and it was HOT. An agent showed me the first apartment, then we walked 3 blocks to see the next one and then we drove to the 3rd one, which thankfully was right next door to where another agent was going to show me the 4th apartment of the day. All these apartments are up one or 2 flights of stairs, so by the end of the 4th apartment, I’d had enough (so had the kids!) so we caught a real yellow taxi home. While all the apartments we saw can work, we’re going to keep looking in Park Slope, which is by far a better neighborhood and we’ll scale back on the number of bedrooms from 3 to 2. We hope to look at some more places tomorrow and will let you know when we find the right one!