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A little time travel into the past: June

Franci 27 Oct 2017 Being tourists Family Museums

In early June, Marica and Esther performed and did really well at their annual piano recital. They both played solo pieces and also performed a duet. I was a proud mama!

The highlight of June was a visit from my sister Angelique and nephew Tyson. We fit in a whole bunch of fun stuff like a visit to the Crayola factory, NYC sight-seeing, a visit to the Museum of Natural history, swimming at a friend’s house, and more. I think, though, that we managed to find a pretty good balance between out of the house activities and just hanging and having quiet fun at home — including some homeschooling that Tyson did with us! You have to have both or you’ll go bonkers!

I loved spending some quality time with my sister and nephew. It was the longest time we had spent together since both leaving home, and it felt like I got to know her much better. :-)

(All the photos I have of our time together were taken on my new phone that I got for my birthday. The quality is definitely nowhere near the same as my DSLR, but it does the job, and I didn’t have to carry a heavy camera with me everywhere. I don’t think this will be a permanent change, but sometimes convenience wins out over quality!)

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Lois 28 Oct 2017 at 5:01am

You’re catching up!
I see you managed to stay out of most of the photos, Franci. :-) But those are a couple especially lovely ones of you and Angelique together.

joanbee3 28 Oct 2017 at 12:34pm

The photos look great to my admittedly amateur eyes.