A Spring Tea Party

In our living room stands a beautiful wooden display cabinet that has been in my family for 3 generations. It displays a selection of pretty tea cups, teapots, milk pitchers and sugar pots I have been given from my grandma, my mum, and Ben’s grandma Tschetter. I love them all, but they’re of course too pretty and special to use on a regular basis… with the end result that they never get used! This is a problem that needed a solution.

So I organized a tea party with some friends! And what better reason to get a bunch of girls together to drink tea out of pretty cups than springtime? The first weekend of April we got together over some lovely food (contributed by everyone), a vast selection of teas and tea pots (some people also brought theirs to share) and had a lovely, lovely time chatting and forgetting a bit about everything else.

I think we just started a new tradition!

4 thoughts on “A Spring Tea Party

  1. Hurray for new traditions involving tea! I’ve enjoyed using the two teapots I have when friends have come over and all opted for tea instead of coffee. If you were here longer, they could certainly make a useful appearance this weekend! Glad we’ll be seeing you soon!

  2. Hi Franci,

    Very pretty! and it’s lovely to do now that your girls are old enough to appreciate fine things.

    I suggested this idea to Ilse for her birthday too, but it didn’t work out with the timing/friends in the end – maybe next year! She definitely likes prettiness and elegance as well.

    Love, Laurel

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