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Summary of summer, part 4

Franci 25 Sep 2015 Family Travelling

So, last week I mentioned how we traveled to Indiana for cousin Sharon’s and Vijo’s wedding in August. Despite the 13 hour trip each way, we were so happy that we could go and also that we could spend time with other Hoyt family members. We drove out on a Thursday and back on a Monday, so that meant that we had three full days there, which was great. We wanted to make the most of hanging out with family as much as possible!

Some roadstop sights: the pretty wings of a dead butterfly, a bird pooped in Laurelin’s hair, and a living room on wheels.

On the Thursday evening I got to attend Sharon’s lingerie party, which was fun. It was nice to meet some of her friends and help fold some origami birds for the reception decoration.

We helped a little with the set-up for the reception, many others helped a lot. There were tables and chairs to set out, about a million table cloths that needed ironing, and I think 300+ place settings that had to be laid out. It turned out pretty nicely, I think!

On Friday a friend of Sharon’s had been barbecuing loads of pork, which we got together and pulled in the afternoon after set-up for the reception the next day. The flowers were also getting put into vases at that point, so I managed to snag a few nice shots of them. The reception dinner was a lovely low-key affair with pizza and soda (Ben and I did that too!).

Saturday morning a bunch of us got together at a nice park next to Center Lake where the children played and the adults got some catching-up done over a potluck picnic.

Then, for the big event! Sharon and Vijo’s wedding was a lovely relaxed affair. However, I’m afraid that Ben and I were having a rather eventful time instead of a relaxed time during the ceremony. As we walked into the sanctuary, I noticed that Laurelin (who had been getting increasingly cranky over the previous two hours) was breaking out in hives. I realized at that point that she must have consumed some sort of peanut product at the picnic in the morning — it usually takes her about two hours before she breaks out. She was crazy itchy, so I took her out to hunt for some Benadryl. A kind lady who was there to help with the reception preparations went out and bought some for her, as her hives were turning into one massive body-covering hive. I had an epipen with me, but didn’t really want to use it unless she started having trouble breathing, which she was not. So, finally the benadryl came, and I gave her some. At this point she was super unhappy! Ben came out so I could see a little bit of the wedding. He took her to the foyer so he could see the last bit of the wedding. Just as the happy couple were preparing to walk back down the aisle, Laurelin threw up right where they’d have to walk! Ben grabbed a loose rug and threw it over it so they didn’t have to walk through vomit, at least… It all got cleaned up in the end, including Ben and Laurelin. As a result of the Benadryl, Laurelin then peacefully slept all through the reception in a pack and play next to our table and woke up much better! So, all that to say that I’m sure the ceremony was lovely — the 10 minutes or so I saw certainly was!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what caused the reaction: I had bought some cashew nuts (which she can eat with no problem) for the picnic. What I didn’t realize was that the cashews had been roasted in peanut oil, and I didn’t even think to check. Ugh. Lesson learned!

I wish I got more photos of the ceremony and reception — especially of Sharon’s immediate family, but that couldn’t really be helped!

On the Sunday we attended Sharon’s home church, then went back to our lovely hosts’ home for naps after which we joined the rest of the family for a last chance at hanging out to chat, show off strength and prowess, sing, and swing dance.

We were so thankful to be able to go to Vijo and Sharon’s wedding! Thanks for inviting us, you guys! And while a 13 hour drive each way with small children is not what I (or anyone, I think) would call fun, it was totally worth it — for the wedding itself and for the opportunity to spend some time with some pretty awesome people.

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bryhoyt 27 Sep 2015 at 3:47pm

I like your “Dad” shirt, Ben.

Ben 30 Sep 2015 at 8:28pm

Nice spotting! I love this shirt too. Franci bought it for me for Father’s Day last year.

Lois 1 Oct 2015 at 5:27am

Thanks for sharing all the photos! I think I managed to identify most family members and relatives….