In lieu of Halloween

This year, instead of celebrating Halloween, which is such a massive deal here in the States and which we don’t feel particularly comfortable with joining in on for various reasons, we decided to do things a little differently and have a Fall Party with our good friends, Alfredo and Damaris and their kids. The kids dressed up: Marica was a cowgirl, Esther and Sophia were princesses, Elijah was a police officer, and Laurelin a monkey, which isn’t too far from the truth.

We had a lovely table decorated with crafts made by the kids during the co-op time we have with our kids and Damaris and Alfredo’s kids on Thursdays, some nice food and the kids still got a bunch of candy, and Damaris even organized some games and fun prizes for the kids. The kids loved it, and they loved getting decorations and things ready for weeks ahead. It was a great evening — much better than knocking on random people’s doors in the cold asking for candy! (We still gave candy to people who came to our door, we just didn’t go trick or treating.)

4 thoughts on “In lieu of Halloween

  1. Very pretty leaf-candle jars! And I’m impressed with the skillful pumpkin carving (of course, that’s not so common here, Fall being the opposite time of the year to Halloween!)

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