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Laurelin’s first birthday

Franci 13 Jun 2014 Family Kids

Three weeks ago, Laurelin turned 1. Crazy stuff, how did that happen?

DSC_0085 (Large)

We had a really low-key day, church in the morning, and then a little party with our lovely friends Alfredo and Damaris and their kids (whom I didn’t get a good photo of, sorry!).

She got just a few small presents (they don’t know any better at age 1 anyway!), the most notable one being a baby doll. Her favourite word at that stage was “baba” (baby), and she was very impressed with having her very own little baba, cuddling it and patting it while saying, “Baba, baba!”.

DSC_0103 (Large)

DSC_0106 (Large)

DSC_0110 (Large)

The girls and I made a brownie cake for Laurelin in the shape of a big cupcake that Marica got as a birthday present from a friend.

DSC_0097 (Large)

A birthday is a good opportunity for a family photo!

DSC_0100 (Large)

Comments (2)

margarethaverland 13 Jun 2014 at 4:03pm

Got to say chick you are looking very good very well and very young in that photo.

Lois Hoyt 14 Jun 2014 at 4:14am

Yes, birthdays are very good times for photos. Looking back at the ones we took when our children were growing up, I can assure you that you will thoroughly enjoy the memories they bring back in years to come. (Our camera seemed to jump from birthdays to holiday to birthdays - and not much in between!)