I’m in denial

Two days ago, I was sitting on my bed editing some photos in Picasa, having just cleared my camera memory stick of about 500 more photos and video clips. The total number of photos taken on our roadtrip so far were well over a thousand and I was doing well keeping up to date with deleting the bad ones, editing the ones that needed a bit of lightening or the like, even if I haven’t been the greatest at updating the blog.

The computer started being slow, and then having little freeze moments that it would resolve themselves and I’d carry on. Then it froze in such a way that I couldn’t do anything, so I put the computer beside me and lay down for a while to rest while I waited for it to un-freeze itself. As I was lying there I heard little knocking sounds, and I wondered if Esther had woken up, but then the knocking sounds got louder and more frequent and I realized that that horrid noise was coming from my laptop. I quickly switched it off, and then back on again, hoping for the best.

My high hopes didn’t last very long. I just got some black screen and then the thing started running some ‘check’ and then when it came to check the hard drive it flashed a bright red FAIL at me accompanied by shrill 1980’s computer game sounds. Not good.

I got Ben to check it out (being married to a computer dude has its perks) and he gave me this comforting report: “It’s fried.”

On there are all my photos, and they’re backed up all the way to the start of our roadtrip, which is great, but it looks like I’ve lost all our roadtrip photos! At least I have some photos uploaded to the blog (not high-resolution, though, unfortunately) up to the Hoyt reunion (which I hope to publish soon!) but everything since then, including some photos even of our Tschetter reunion this week are lost.

Which is why I am in denial. It just can’t be real… I sure hope that someone will be able to get our data off the fried hard drive. Arg! Technology is wonderful, when it works!

So, that little set-back has put a bit of a dampener on things, but I’m still working on getting that Hoyt reunion post out soon!

9 thoughts on “I’m in denial

  1. I know how it feels. a few days ago my hard disk crashed. I was literally shocked. All of my lovely pictures would disappear. If something I’m scared of losing in my life – it is pictures. they hold so great importance in my life that the mere thought of losing them makes my heartbeat fast, no kidding :p
    but thankfully, my hard disk recovered.

    i hope your does too :)

  2. Oh no! Oh no! I will refrain from any pessimistic comments about computer losses and will hope and pray that you are able to recover things. With my love, Mum

  3. I’m so sorry about your computer and the losses it entails. I will try to get back out to Portersville Road and get another picture of that sign you liked; I know you wouldn’t want to lose that!!

    • Thanks, Mrs Walker! I’m more concerned about losing the photo I had of you and Mr Walker, though, so if you could send me one of the two of you, I would appreciate that, and I’m sure mum Hoyt would too!

  4. Ouuuchhh!! I hope you can get those photos back. That’s a sore loss (though I still hope you can recover the data). The laptop with our photos stored on it was the thing I was most afraid of losing (except for possibly the passports) when we travelled the States, too.

    • Yeah… they can do amazing things for amazing prices! We got a quote yesterday for $1500!! I think I might just have to kiss those photos goodbye. Ben tried getting already deleted photos off my camera memory stick, but it’s been overwritten so many times already (I take too many photos!) that it could only recover 6 (!!!) of the photos I wanted. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. :-)

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