Pics from Jeremy’s bachelor party

Last Saturday afternoon and evening, a few of Jeremy’s Philadelphia friends organized a bachelor party for him. They captured him, got in a little bit of trouble with the Philly police, and drove him blind-folded all the way to New York, where I joined them for dinner.

He had to eat blind-folded at a Burger King, wear a paper crown and carry a pink stuffed-toy pig around everywhere, preach an ad libbed three-minute sermon on biblical marriage near the World Trade Center, and some other fun stuff. Below are a few photos I took along the way.

Davis and Eshelman just after I met up with them:

At Staten Island Ferry terminal:

Preaching on marriage one block over from the World Trade Center (watch a video excerpt of his sermon).

Half way across Brooklyn Bridge:

Eshelman enjoying the buzz:

Just before dinner at Bubby’s in Brooklyn:

The view from Bubby’s, complete with jellyfish UFO’s hovering over Manhattan Bridge:

The three Jeremies:

With Pink Pig and co:

Hanging out at our place after dinner:

And, just before they left, Seth giving the rather tired Davis a mo:

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