Gingerbread House fun

Our much loved pastor’s wife, Julie, invited a few moms over to her house last Friday to make gingerbread houses. What a total blast! We made the houses out of graham crackers instead of baked sheets of gingerbread, which was much easier and less time consuming.

The kids thought they were in candy heaven because for once their mothers didn’t tell them to stop on the candy. You could almost see their desperate thoughts in their eyes while their little cheeks buldged, “Quick, get another piece before mom notices!” What fun.

Excuse all the photos, I had as much fun taking photos as I did making the gingerbread house with Marica!

Shondell and Chelsea’s candy-laden house.

Little Nehe (short for Nehemiah) was still a bit too little to make a house, but he and his mama Yoli came anyway to hang out, and we’re glad they did! Doesn’t he have a beautiful mama?

Elijah was eating the candy on his house faster than his mom, Damaris, could put it on!

Elijah is very cute, and his little sister Sophia is adorable!

Esther watched for a bit, had her fill of candy and then happily went off and played. She’d come into the kitchen every now and then, scavenge some more candy and look at all the houses like this:

Marica adding some candy. Can’t have too much!

Marica with the house we made.

From behind.

Some cool detail.

All this candy eating business is tiring work! Esther went and got herself a couch cushion and plonked herself nicely down in the doorway. The best beds are usually made right next to the rubbish, right?

Julie having some nice cuddles with Sophia.

Thanks, Julie, for organising this super fun afternoon! You make the world a better, sweeter place.

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