Advent is here!

I started the blog post draft a few weeks back, and now the season of Advent is about halfway through. Last year we decided to start celebrating Advent in a more deliberate way, building the excitement until Christmas, and enjoying the anticipation.

The kids have a book that has a story for each day of Advent, and they enjoy a chocolate from their advent calendars every evening after dinner (thanks for those, Tannie Estelle!). It’s amazing how such a small chocolate can enthuse kids to eat all their dinner!

On each Sunday of Advent, we light another advent candle for our dinner on Sunday, and each child gets one small gift.

On the first Sunday of Advent, the girls got matching snowman shirts that I bought on clearance last year after Christmas. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

We enjoy celebrating advent with guests. This lovely couple are friends from church, Sam and Emily Perez, who got married earlier this year.

These things might seem over the top to some, but we enjoy celebrating the birth of our Saviour for a whole month, and in some small way mirroring the Greatest Gift ever given to mankind to our children. We’re not extravagant about it, even though God is, was, and continues to be in the way he blesses us.

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