Some nature shots from the Adirondacks

During our time in the Adirondacks it rained most of the time, except for our first afternoon there. There were some breaks in the rain, though, and I took my chances to go outside and take some ‘nature shots’. I can’t even begin to say how much I love taking photos, especially of this kind of thing. I have much to learn yet, but the journey is fun!

Enjoy. :-)

5 thoughts on “Some nature shots from the Adirondacks

  1. The hairy/mossy rocks look Tolkienish/trollish. Great mushrooms!

    So glad you had such a good visit with your parents and saw such a good array of fall colors (and in the perfect setting…complete with cozy cabin, quiet lake, and Adirondack chairs). I’m itching to hear about Niagara

    Do you know that you have weird looking youtube ads popping up at the end of this post?

    Looking forward to seeing you again in March, if not before (need Christmas plans?).

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