A Baltimore hotel window view

I’ve been just a little bit busy lately, preparing for another roadtrip (yay!), this time with my parents (double yay!) who should have arrived in San Francisco by now. I hope. I realised I never gave my parents my contact details here in the States before they left. Oops. For the record, our phone number is 347 599 1567. No telemarketers, please. So aaaanyway, while I’m working on a photo post of our time in Baltimore and Philadelphia, please be satisfied with cute photos of Esther looking out our hotel window in Baltimore while you wait.

Some of the view:

My view:

Esther’s view:

Tatta, Adios, goodbye. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

One thought on “A Baltimore hotel window view

  1. Sweet Esther pictures are cute anytime! I am envious of how your camera can get the main object in focus and then make the rest of the picture look a bit blurred…it looks so cool! Our old camera did that but then Ellie threw it off the table and…well…you can imagine why it is now our “old” camera!:(

    It was so good to see you tonight!:)

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