Aliens in the Apple

Road trip report, Day 1 and 2

Franci 24 Sep 2011 Being tourists Family Friends Jaunts out of NYC

So like I said, Margaret took me and the girls on a week-long road trip (thanks, Gary!) and boy did we have fun! There was a good amount of banter and hilarity and also some really good conversations. I loved being able to hang out with Margaret and seeing all sorts of new sights.

I suspect I might have to divide this post into a few parts, so let’s start with Day 1 and 2.

Day 1:

Drive through Pennsylvania to visit Mr & Mrs Tyson. The Tysons spent some time with our home congregation in Dovedale where Mr Tyson filled the pulpit while our minister at that time took some leave to go overseas. The Tysons have a special spot in the hearts of people at Dovedale. On our way to their place, we stopped at the first couple (of many more to come) quilt shops. The first was in the front room of a Mennonite home where the quilts were stacked high on the bed.

There were two beds piled high with quilts, there were pillows, toys and all sorts of other handmade fabric-y stuff.

Esther enjoying the swing seat at the farm.

We arrived at the Tysons’ place just before dinner. We got given a lovely tour of their beautiful property. So much space, lush green grass, trees! We all loved it, but even more loved being able to get to know the Tysons a bit better and enjoy their very gracious and generous hospitality. We didn’t really want to leave!

We were glad that the weather was still warm enough for us to enjoy a nice swim one afternoon. Unfortunately Margaret couldn’t join us because she went to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house. She had falling water and we had splashing water.

Marica enjoyed the extra space!

Their inviting and cosy dining area.

Doing dishes in a real country kitchen.

These beautiful apples caught my eye on their back porch steps in the late afternoon sun. Don’t they look lovely? And yes, the autumn has officially arrived.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs Tyson! We had a lovely time with you — we enjoyed your company, the great food, your welcoming home and let’s not forget the Scrabble games! We look forward to our next visit with you in October with my parents.