The Person’s Prayer

Our Caregiver in the spiritual realm,
Transparent be your name.
Your democracy be voted in,
Your social policy be implemented,
In reality as it is in the spiritual realm.

Give us every day our organic tofu,
And give us low interest on our debts,
As we charge a premium to our debtors.

Lead us not into discrimination,
But deliver us from intolerance.

For yours are the democracy, the wealth, and the popularity,
For a little while,

The above is my contribution to the World Council of Changes and their emphasis on spirituality for modern human beans (soy, for example). It’s important to modernise our personal beliefs, to keep them fresh, relevant, and up to date. Why settle for a heavenly Father when we can have an intimate synergy with a spiritual caregiver? Why worry about old-fashioned concepts like God’s kingdom and God’s will when everyone else is talking about democracy and social good? And who wouldn’t want to be delivered from intolerance and discrimination?

Seriously though, I did have a point. But I’m not going to tell you what it is, because I’m saving it for some future blog entries, such as “Translation is hard”, “Is Christianity sexist?”, “The dogma is the drama”, and other light-hearted discussions.

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