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Now for the black and white engagement pics

Franci 1 Sep 2011 Family NYC Parks Photography

As I said earlier, my previous post kept freezing up because I had too many photos in there, so I instead made the first post the colour post and this one the black&white post. I personally often prefer black and white, so this was fun for me. :-)

Pretty Lilly. But the yellow one is a dandelion.

Thanks, Jeremy and Lillian, for letting me get click-happy on you! I’ve realised it’s pretty fun to be around a couple head-over-heels in love once you’ve been married for a while. It’s both funny and cute for us old-timers (boy, Ben and I have been married just over 6 and a half years already!) and it reminds you again of that balloon-about-to-burst-inside-my-chest feeling you used to get every time you’d look at your spouse. But I’m also glad to be past (some of) that and to have settled into the deep, steady, solid kind of love that comes with time, and gets deeper and richer and better with every year. I wish that for you too. (Just don’t lose all the giddiness!)

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Hannah 5 Sep 2011 at 11:49am

Love the second one; a similar color shot was good as well!

Julie Murphy 7 Sep 2011 at 5:30pm

These engagement photos are darling! The Murphys officially send their Congratulations and Blessings to the happy couple. I remember asking Lillian on Christmas Day last year at our home, if she was the only sibling who was single in her family. She gave me a sad face, stuck out her bottom lip and said a quiet “yes”. God is faithful even to our heart’s desires and so now we yell a hearty ——Yippie !!!! for this new Covenenant union.

Julie Murphy et al