When the summer gives you heat…

eat popsicles!

It’s so delicious you have to let your arm and chin taste some too.

It hurts when you bite cold stuff with your teeth!

Look, Mum, a plane! (Depending on the wind direction, we get them coming over every 2 minutes or so to land at JFK.)

Interesting note: You might, or might not, be interested in knowing that this is our 200th blog post. Of those I’ve written 176, and Ben 24. I think I’m winning. :-) I’m amazed that there are 53 people who are subscribed to our blog and that over the last 15 months or so we’ve had 25,314 page views. I find that number quite staggering — we’re not that interesting! Thanks for your support, everyone!

And for a medical update… it’s sort of frustrating. Tests were done, some results were found, but no diagnosis made. My general doctor wants me to get a second opinion. So, that’s what I’ll do. Your prayers and thoughts have been appreciated, thanks!

10 thoughts on “When the summer gives you heat…

  1. Wow, that’s hot!

    Popsicles or a flight to Denver…. When I stepped out of the airport there, it was the coolest I’d felt outside in weeks? months? And it took three layers to feel comfortable on the top of Mt. Evans (unless you tried running up the last bit of trail and then wished yourself minus a layer or two). To top off that excursion we saw bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and ate Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs.

    But popsicles do sound amazing right now (back in Knoxville). And cheaper! What kind are they, and did you make them?

    • Keep us posted on the second medical opinion; I’m sorry the first set of tests weren’t more conclusive, but it’s great that you’re feeling better!

  2. Yea, we’re sorry too that you haven’t had a more definitive medical report. We will continue praying for you. And did that dinner with the boss take place?

  3. eating popsicles in togs might be a good idea…no stains, and you can squirt them down afterwards! They looked liked the Edy’s ones. YUM! Love your photos

  4. Can we go over for some popsciles? We love and miss you guys. Your blogs have been enjoyable and at times challenging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart.

  5. Thanks for the idea! We’re looking forward to making our own popsicles this weekend…if the promised snow comes :-)

  6. Franci, these are such sweet pictures! We’d love to come to eat some popsicles sometime soon too! The older kids are both back and very excited to see their friends so we need to get together soon!

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