How Jeremy eats a mushroom

When we were visiting Jeremy in Philly, I made some grilled mushrooms on the barbecue with fresh parmesan, salt, pepper, butter and fresh mozzarella cheese, garnished with a fresh basil leaf. Are your mouths watering yet?! They were delicious. Jeremy, being not a fan of mushrooms, was brave enough to try one. Here’s what it looked like:

First bite:

Hmmm, do I like this?

No, I don’t think so! The texture is nasty.

But the flavours aren’t too bad…

Actually, who am I kidding?

What fun. :-)

9 thoughts on “How Jeremy eats a mushroom

  1. Fun sequence, Franci. Wanna come down and make me some? I already like mushrooms reasonably well. I suddenly feel really un-gourmet with my [fresh from my parents’ garden] corn on the cob and [from scratch] macaroni and cheese [and onions].

    Hi, Jeremy! Any chance you and L want to visit Knoxville next month?

    • Hey Hannah! It looks unlikely during this trip unfortunately…our schedule is already pretty booked. If you want to come up towards Philly, you’d be most welcome!

  2. @ Jeremy…figured your schedule would be full, but it was worth a shot! :) Wish I could come, but alas…work.

    Franci, you’ve got one funny twitterer on your hands! I was just catching up with her and got in some morning humor before work. Especially enjoyed (though it’s hard to be choosy) “Sunday, my dear Blunday.”

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