Proof that we are Americanizing

I have Uncrustables in my freezer. Yes, ma’am, I tell no lie. Uncrustables in your freezer means that you have attained to the great feat of crossing over to The Other Side. For any of you ignorant folk who do not know about the beauty of Uncrustables, let me introduce you.

They come in a box, found in the freezer aisle of any self-respecting supermarket. The box contains 4 individually wrapped gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and get this — without crusts!

They are highly nutritious. No cholesterol!

The crusts aren’t crudely chopped off, oh no, they are shaped into a beautiful round with scalloped edges.

We proudly assimilate.

7 thoughts on “Proof that we are Americanizing

    • I’ve got Weet Bix at home from my recent trip…I think I’ll save it for you when you come over. Something has to cure this!

  1. Ugh, white bread! And did I remember that you didn’t like American bread (I don’t blame you)? Is this somehow better?

    • I find it highly amusing that what I’ve intended as humour has been taken for truth! We’ve only had one box of Uncrustables in the freezer, and I haven’t even tried them (haven’t been able to get myself that far!).

      I was subtly trying to mock American convenience foods… maybe I was too subtle! :-) ( I think the only one who got my humour was Jeremy!)

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