Preschool poetry

Last Friday, Marica’s preschool put on a poetry recital that parents were invited to. The kids had all worked hard at memorising the poems — they recited 3 poems and then sung Mary had a little lamb, and they did really well! It was all themed for spring and was about rain, baby animals and flowers. Here are some cute photos of the action:

In New York, everything has to be compact, even where kids’ backpacks and lunch boxes go. Notice the stack of stuff in the background? Those are the cots for naptime.

A nice opportunity to get a photo of just Marica and me.

Marica’s 2 best friends at preschool.

One thought on “Preschool poetry

  1. Love the photos! Especially you with your big girl. She looks happy and we are thankful that she settled in so well.

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