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Preschool poetry

Franci 5 May 2011 Education Weather

Last Friday, Marica’s preschool put on a poetry recital that parents were invited to. The kids had all worked hard at memorising the poems — they recited 3 poems and then sung Mary had a little lamb, and they did really well! It was all themed for spring and was about rain, baby animals and flowers. Here are some cute photos of the action:

In New York, everything has to be compact, even where kids’ backpacks and lunch boxes go. Notice the stack of stuff in the background? Those are the cots for naptime.

A nice opportunity to get a photo of just Marica and me.

Marica’s 2 best friends at preschool.

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Elrike Hoyt 11 May 2011 at 3:57am

Love the photos! Especially you with your big girl. She looks happy and we are thankful that she settled in so well.