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Franci 2 Mar 2011 Blogging Family Weather

That’s how it feels to me sometimes when I realise that all my scheduled posts have run out, and my drafts folder is looking a bit emaciated. We run this blog mainly to stay in contact with family and friends back home in New Zealand to share what we’ve been up to, what we’re thinking about and stuff we like. Well, it turns out that sometimes our lives are just not quite exciting enough to warrant 3 blog posts a week! (How did I ever manage 5 posts a week?!) So, here’s a bit of a random one.

Here are a few tid-bits of information:

Esther is not interested in walking. Occasionally she’ll stand for a few seconds, but that’s about it.

I just ate some delicious Lindt chocolate that I got for Valentine’s day from a man who is not my husband. Okay, if you have to know, it was from the guy in his 50’s who lives in the apartment above us.

The weather is warming up. This is not necesarily reflected by actual temperatures but because I believe it is. It is March now, after all. If I just believe hard enough, it will happen eventually! :-)

Marica is growing up too fast. She enjoys learning, being read to, watching DVDs and spinning herself round and round for ages. I tried it the other afternoon and after about 30 seconds I fell down on the floor. I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon.

Colds are working their way through our house again. I’m the only one still standing. I guess it will come knock me over one of these days. I faithfully take my vitamin C in preparation.

My parents have tickets to come visit us in October! I’m SO excited!

Other visitors we’re excited about having soon: Hannah and Eva in March, Dad Hoyt in April, an old friend from primary school briefly in September. A certain prospective in-law has promised his appearance sometime in the near future too. :-)

We’re thinking of going camping in New England in the summer for a week or so. Anyone know some good spots?

And because a blog post is just so dreary without a photo, I’ll post you a pic of me and my friend Anna Banana from Indiana whom we met at a playground last summer, who has unfortunately moved back to Indiana now. We’ll miss her a lot.

Anna, her sister and her mum came past our place to say goodbye. If you’ve sent us a card, can you spot yours in the background?

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Hannah 2 Mar 2011 at 11:20am

Re: tid-bit 7.4 …

Hoyt or Voges side? If Hoyt, should we know something about this?

Rachael van Wichen 2 Mar 2011 at 2:04pm

It’s definitely worth going to the Adoniracks. They’re really beautiful with countless lakes to camp by. They’re a little like Malbourough Sounds but a lot less rainy and much warmer. We loved our week of camping there!

Joan Brauning 2 Mar 2011 at 7:18pm

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are wonderful, but not in June; that’s black fly season, which we learned to our dismay many Junes ago.

Hannah 3 Mar 2011 at 10:15am

Maine…Acadia Nat’l Park…good camp sites, rugged coast, short hikes, blow holes, bike rentals and a large system of bike trails, blueberries and real maple syrup, a mountain where you can be the first in the US to see the sun rise, beautiful drive up the coast with lots of lighthouses along the way, might remind you of NZ….

Lois Hoyt 4 Mar 2011 at 4:35am

I love the nothing-happening reports too. And keep taking the Vitamin C to stay well if possible. Or maybe your resistance is building up so that you won’t get so many colds now.

Marica’s hair is quite impressive in those photos. Oh, I guess those photos are from the previous day’s ‘exciting’ blog, not the ‘boring’ one!

Anna Banana from Indiana 7 Mar 2011 at 7:58pm

Hey guys, thanks for putting up those pics! Did you get the ones I sent to you?
I love and miss you already! I got a job already. I start working the overnight shift tomorrow. I hope to have a nice apartment very soon. This will provide a great place for you guys to stay when you come out this way, before heading back to New Zealand!