Our first New York Christmas

This year was the first year our little family did not celebrate Christmas with grandparents. I was going to say that we didn’t celebrate with any extended family, but we do have Lillian here, so we’re not entirely family-less!

Like my (Franci) side of the family, we do our family time of reading the story of the birth of Jesus, singing carols and gift giving on Christmas eve.

This year the occasion was preceded by a nice big meal (we normally do more of a finger food thing).

I cooked my first turkey ever and it turned out great and moist. We also had baby potatoes, peas, stuffing, carrot jelly salad and a sweet sweet potato dish, some gravy and cranberry sauce, topped off with Tipsy Tart for dessert.

We celebrated Christmas Day dinner with our pastor’s family, but I wanted to cook something special just for us as well!

Christmas eve evening was ended with some of the Christmas goodies I made this year. (I made fudge, chocolate fudge, prune and port chocolate truffles, lebkuchen, peppernuts and gingerbread men. Hmmmm.)

This is Marica enjoying her Christmas stocking on Christmas morning.

5 thoughts on “Our first New York Christmas

  1. Thank goodness for pre-scheduled posts like this Christmas post, otherwise you won’t be getting posts again for a while! Our whole family has come down with the ‘flu. I can’t remember ever being quite this sick before. Marica spends most of her day sleeping on the couch, and anyone who knows her would know how unusual this is. We all have been racked with fever, body and head aches, coughing, sore throats and extreme tiredness.

    Since the fall we just seem to get bug after bug! I hear that happens the first winter you’re in a new place…

  2. Oh, no, I hope you feel better! And yes, it probably just is that you’ve never been exposed to all those nasty NYC germs. :)

    I was going to say “yum!” to your turkey and ask if you were surprised at how inexpensive turkey is there compared to here. My mother was shocked when I told her that the cheapest turkey in the supermarket was $35 for an 8-lb tiny one. I read a US news story just before Thanksgiving that said “turkey prices at all time highs! $1.50 per pound!” and I thought … send some to NZ!! :)

    • Yeah, I absolutely LOVE the turkey and chicken prices around here! I can regularly get chicken for 99c a pound on sale, and I got a 14 pound turkey for 99c a pound too. Stack-loads of meat and so cheap!

  3. Wishing you better health soon! Glad your first turkey turned out so well and that you had family and friends to celebrate the holiday with. You sure baked lots…wow!

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