More cereal box fun

When we looked for ideas for what kinds of crafts one can make with cereal boxes, back when we made Glitter Girl, we also came across a cute idea of making sandals. I promised Marica we’d do that, and here’s the result. We found the idea here, and modified it a bit to make it prettier.

Here’s how you do it:

First you have to eat up a whole box of cereal. Preferably not in one sitting.

Then you open it up and trace a couple of shoe prints.

Then do the same on some colourful paper. Your possibilities are endless: princess shoes, brown shoes, fire truck shoes, striped shoes. We went with the latter look.

Cut the shoe prints out.

Cut out some straps, then glue the pretty paper to the cereal box cardboard.

Measure the length of the strap on your child’s foot, then stick it to the sole with some strong sticky tape.

Ta-daa! You’re done!

Pretty stinkin’ cute, and usable too!

One thought on “More cereal box fun

  1. Very pretty! Are they still in usable order? :-) Will definitely try this one sometime. Erika loves putting things in holes at the moment, so I made a large-ish square hole in the top of a cereal box where she drop things in, and a flap-door on the bottom side to take things out again. She loves it, and everything that fits, goes in! Much love to you all!

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