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Cereal box fun

Franci 13 Oct 2010 Frugal fun Kids

Last week we were all a bit under the weather, but of course when kids are sick they are still full of ideas and energy. So one morning after finishing off a box of cereal, I remembered doing crafts with cereal boxes as a kid and looked online for something to do with the cereal box. We got an idea here, and so Glitter Girl was born.

You start with an empty cereal box.

Open it up.

And put it back together. At first I thought we’d make some sort of animal with ears, but that idea didn’t last very long. :-) Though the ‘ears’ gave us something to attach the hat to later!

Marica loved cutting out things like the arms, eyes, nose and mouth.

An eye in progress.

Glue for the hat.

The finished product! Being girls, we could of course not resist putting copious amounts of glitter on her!

(Yes, in our pyjamas because we were having a sick day, remember!)

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Franci 13 Oct 2010 at 10:28am

I just thought I’d like to add that we don’t normally eat Cookie Crisp cereal. It was a ‘special treat’ that took about 3 months to get through. Just so you know. :-)

Anna Miretti 17 Oct 2010 at 10:33am

I love it! I have done similar crafts with kids at my park year before last, when we had school breakfasts delivered to us. We used the small cereal containers and turned them into animals and the like. I love doing arts and crafts! I, also, love the glitter. You go girls!!