First Day

Today is a pretty big day here in the Hoyt household. It’s Marica’s first day at an American preschool!

She was really excited and keen, all smiles walking there and meeting the teachers and putting her bag away and finding her name on the table.

But when she realised that I wasn’t staying, she wasn’t so sure about this preschool thing any more. In fact, she was very sure she didn’t want to stay there. She cried and very articulately identified the fear — “I don’t know anyone!” and held onto me very tightly. At that point I almost felt like throwing in the towel and taking her home, but I managed to extricate myself. It was hard for me, because I totally identify with that fear. But I think it will be a good opportunity for both of us to make some new friends.

2 thoughts on “First Day

  1. I babysat for a two year old last week…just turned two, just started preschool, and had only seen me once before. About 20 min. of pointing vaguely off in the distance (we were about a minute’s walk from his home downtown) crying “Mummy” every second or two and pitiful little tears running down his face. He wasn’t difficult, just very sad. 1/2 way through lunch at a restaurant he’s familiar with, he got going again. I felt sorry for him but also like a kidnapper. Naptime helped considerably.

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