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Dear Roseola, thanks for not being Chickenpox (or worse, Measles)

Franci 19 Jun 2010 Kids Meditations

This week has been a bit trying as Marica has been quite unwell. Monday and Tuesday she had a high fever and was listless and irritable. The listlessness and irritability has continued all week and on Thursday she broke out with a rash which we initially thought was a very bad case of chickenpox. I took her to a doctor today who told us it was Roseola. I’m just relieved to know what it is, and the rash is already getting a bit lighter. Great!

We were also very relieved when the doctor told us we should be ok using public transport. Phew. Not only do we need this to get around, but we’re planning on visiting JanErik and Gina Stolte in New Jersey this weekend. JanErik is doing a placement (what do you call it for ministers?) at a church about an hour from here this summer. We’re very excited to see some old friends from Masterton and spend some time outside the city. We’ll tell you all about it when we’re back!

I’ve had plenty of exercise in thankfulness recently. Read: I haven’t been feeling thankful, so I need to practice. :-) With the whole ordeal of trying to find a doctor this morning, I was starting to get annoyed and worried. Yet, I found a doctor, it was walking distance from here, the staff were very friendly, and the receptionist told me that we have very good insurance. Thank you, Oyster! Or like having to find an apartment (again). Last Friday we applied for an apartment which the agent assured us we’d get, but it turned out that they wouldn’t accept us because we don’t have any U.S. credit history (duh). So we were back to square one. The places we saw this week weren’t even nearly as nice as the first place and pricier to boot, but we had an incredibly helpful agent. AND we have somewhere to live this month at no cost to us.

And isn’t it like that with all of life? Discontent always seem to creep up on us and infest our minds, drag us down and make us sour. Thankfulness is the cure —it’s very hard to be discontent when we’re thankful! We really are blessed, because our comfort is not in our circumstances, but in the One who controls all things.

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Lois Hoyt 21 Jun 2010 at 5:53pm

Hm, so that’s how the last apartment prospect turned out. I hope you find something even better. As you say, it is wonderful to know the Lord has it all in His control, and our problem is trusting Him with thankfulness. I would wish that I had that lesson down pat at an age approximately forty years older than you are.