This post is about the cool new things our kids can do. :-)

Marica has learned to recognise the numbers 1-6 and is quickly learning 7-10 as well. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that we let her push the buttons in the elevator. I’ve also bought her a cool plastic sheet (just $2.99!) that she can write on (we don’t use it for that just yet) that seemed to make it all click for her. She can count just fine, but now she can put the number to it too!

When she meets anyone pretty much anywhere, the first thing she tells them quite loudly and clearly is that “I am three!”


Esther is getting better at sitting up.

She’s also started to go on her knees for short periods of time and ‘rocking’ back and forth. She is just growing up far too fast.

Another cute thing she’s learnt is to respond by clapping her hands when you say “Esther, handjies klap!”

3 thoughts on “Kids!

  1. Eliza says: “I was just thinking about them yesterday when I was reading Elke one of the books they sent, and I was wondering how they were, and the photos are SO beautiful. Aren’t your daughters beautiful!”

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