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A decade old!

Franci 2 May 2017 Birthday Family Food Friends Kids Parties

In February, Marica turned 10. TEN?? How does a decade go by so fast? Marica is growing up — both taller and also growing in maturity little by little. Or maybe not so little! Her independence in the kitchen is growing, and she’s becoming quite the cook and baker. It’s beautiful to see her help out her younger sisters and play with them in a kind way (most of the time), especially with Laurelin; and to start taking on more responsibilities and duties without so many complaints. She’s still a voracious reader, is getting really good at playing the piano and doing her schoolwork diligently, she can do some pretty impressive gymnastics moves, and loves our homeschool co-op. She’s also been trying her hand at sewing, much to my delight, though I see a problem brewing on the horizon — having to share my sewing machine when I want to use it!

This year Marica wanted a purple themed party. It was probably the biggest party she’s had yet (in number of kids). The kids made their own pizzas, baked brownies, played good old fashioned games, and ate ice cream cake. There seems to be a strong food-related theme going here! She got some really neat gifts — people clearly were thoughtful in getting their gifts for her, which was special. She had requested an ice cream crunch cake, which turned out very yummy. All in all a lovely day for a lovely girl!

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lianahavelaar 3 May 2017 at 5:45am

I know, a decade goes fast. What’s even faster is how quickly the next kids in line pile up past these milestones … we have 3 in double digits, very nearly two teenagers, Juanita will start youth group in less than a year … Wow!

Laurel van Wichen 6 May 2017 at 7:15am

And we’ll soon be entering the phase where I’ll only have one child who’s younger than a teenager. I could hardly believe that when Estelle and I were talking about it the other day!!
Lovely pictures of Marica’s birthday fun. :-)
Have fun with the sewing machine!! Actually I only just got around to teaching Estelle how to use the machine in the April school holidays (or maybe she just got around to wanting to learn, I’m not sure). She made a nice carry bag and a draw-string bag for Conrad’s chess set as her first project. Material from the op-shop and all (Lydia would be proud of her!)