Quick, sticky snow

It’s been quiet on here for a while. When that happens, it usually means things around here have been a little extra busy, which it indeed has. Some of the highlights of the busyness will be following in the next few weeks, but before the warm weather completely overtakes us I wanted to share some last winter snow pictures.

This snowstorm didn’t last very long and gave us the most beautiful, sticky snow that was perfect for snowballs and snowball fights! It happened on a Friday morning and our co-op was cancelled, so my friend Nina and her kids came over and we had a mums against kids snowball fight. If I remember correctly the mums won! Lots of fun. The storm was over as quickly as it started and by lunchtime the skies were blue again, with quite a dramatic sky change — as if a big blanket was being pulled away — beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Quick, sticky snow

  1. The lovely photos give a bit of nostalgic pull to enjoy snow again, though I really prefer warmer weather. I remember, however, when some of our children wished we’d make one of our big trips back to the States in the winter. That was not so convenient for travel and camping. But if Benjamin was one of those, he now has his annual experience with snow! Mum

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